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Document Upload
PAN Card
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Bank Proof
(Kindly upload bank statement too if cheque is not personalized)
Bank Statement
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Correspondence Address Proof
(Upload page 2 only if required)
Please select address proof type
Page 1
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Permanent Address Proof
(Upload page 2 only if required)
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Income Proof
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DP Charges
Account Opening

What type of accounts do you all open?

Edelweiss opens Trading and Demat accounts for Resident Indians


What are the documents required?

We require the images of following documents for opening your account with us

  • PAN card
  • Address proof – Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID, Passport, Bank Statement (not more than 3 months old)
  • Cheque (Personalised and duly signed)
  • Income Proof – last 6 months Bank statement, Latest salary slip, latest Form 16 (Required only if the Derivatives segment is opted)
Note : The original KYC documents will be verified during a visit by an Edelweiss employee. If you are not a KRA verified customer,then a copy of documents needs to be given.


Do you also open commodity account?

For Commodity segment you need to sign a seperate form which will be provided by our executive at the time of document collection.


Can I open only trading account or demat account?

Through the online account opening process, both demat & trading account accounts are opened mandatorily.


Do you open joint holder accounts?

No, only single person accounts are opened. However, you can always add a nominee to your account.


Will any executive provide a demo post account opening?

Demo session is available for Xtreme Trader on our Website. Additionally we can arrange a demo session through a call from our Customer Care Team.


What are the account closure formalities/charges ?

Customer needs to sign and submit the Account Closure request Form. There are no charges for Account Closure.



What are the options available to share the documents?

You can share the documents in 3 ways :

  • Upload the images of all documents through our Web Site ( or
  • Share the images through email ( or
  • Share the images through WhatsApp (+91-8879972954)


Can I give a photocopy in case I do not have the original document?

You need to submit images of all original Documents. Also, you need to provide all original documents to our representative when you schedule your appointment for personal verification.


Is it safe to provide bank details, what safety measures do you all take?

Providing Bank Details is completely safe. We take utmost care in keeping customer data confidential. The data is not shared with anyone. Bank details are required for enabling funds transfer for trading purposes.


Can I give a bank statement/passbook if I don’t have a Cancelled Cheque Leaf?

Cancelled Cheque Leaf is mandatory.


Why do you require signature on the cheque?

Post account opening, you may want to get your personal details changed like Address, Phone number, Nominee etc. Since the account is opened digitally, we need to capture your signature which will be used in future to authenticate your transactions.


Can I add nominee after account opening?

Post Account Opening you can avail nominee by signing and submitting the Nomination Form.


What is the verification procedure?

In document verification process our representative will verify the documents uploaded on our website with original documents. At the same time he will do an In Person Verification where applicant needs to sign the account opening form in front of our representative.


Do we have to submit any documentation post online account opening?

You need to submit the Originally Signed Personalised Cancelled Cheque Leaf & 1 Passport Size Photo.


Can I change my bank details/contact details in the future?

Yes, post account opening you can give a modification request form along with the document (if required).



What is your toll free number?

Our Toll Free Number is 1800 102 3335


Who do we contact for any trade related query?

We will assign you a dealer who will assist you in all trading related queries.

Charges & Fees

What are the account opening fees?

There is no Account Opening Fees for opening the Demat & Trading Account


What are the AMC charges?

For Trading Account there is no AMC and for Demat Account AMC charge is free for first year. From second year onwards, an amount of Rs. 500/- + aplicable taxes will be charged.


Is there any AMC lifetime free scheme?

Currently, there is no such scheme where there is AMC free for lifetime.


What are the brokerage charges?

Please find below the details of Standard brokerage charges applicable for your account

  • Equity – 0.20%
  • Intraday & Future – 0.02%
  • Options – Rs. 80 per lot
  • Currency Future – 0.015%
  • Currency Options Premium – Rs. 10/- per lot
  • To view DP charges click hereclick here


Are there any hidden charges ?

There are no hidden charges. For applicable charges kindly refer the Tariff Sheet attached in Account Opening Form.

Trading FAQ

How can I transfer funds?

You can transfer funds through Payment Gateway option (if Account with Registered Bank List), or through NEFT/ RTGS (If other than Registered Bank List)


List of banks registered with Edelweiss?



Do I Have to provide any margin money?

There is no need to provide any margin amount.


Can I trade immediately after receiving my userid and password?

Yes, in case you are KRA verified. If you are non-KRA verified, then post verification process, you can start trading.